Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do makeup? If so, what kind?

Our talented make up artists would love to round out your look by adding makeup services to a blowout or you can come in for just makeup. We proudly use the Beauty Counter makeup line. You can book this makeup online or give us a call and we can book it for you.

Why 1890?

The blow dryer was invented in 1890 by Alexandre Godefrey in his Parisian salon…so we decided to honor our roots and name ourselves after the year it all started!

Do you put in hair extensions? If so how much?

We will happily clip in your hair extensions to accentuate your blowout.  We can curl or straighten them depending on what look you’re going for that day!  The cost for extension application up to 5 pieces is $20. If you have over 5 pieces it is $30.

Do you have a REWARDS PROGRAM of any kind?

You bet we do. Contact us for learn more!

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